Every startup has a story to tell, we have one as well !!

It all started when couple of our co-founders were looking to shift to their new apartments. One fine evening we all were discussing the pain of shifting to a new house and guess what! the biggest pain point was getting the interiors done. Off late a nice interior for your dream house (flat/villa) has become a style statement. Gone are the days when we used to have steel almirahs, bulky wooden sofa sets and a big table to keep the TV. Everyone wants to have the most stylish wardrobes, modular kitchen and TV units to name a few. But the problem is getting to interact with interior designers/carpenters who can give the best deals, quality work and commitment to finish the work on time. We burn gallons of fuel going round the city and meeting interiors guys, explaining them the requirements, asking for quotes, getting referrals from friends and of-course wasting hell lot of our valuable time in the weekends.Same applies for getting electrical appliances like geysers,fans,chimneys. We visit multiple shops looking for the best deals. Once it's done we again think did I get the best deal, should I have explored bit more, and numerous such questions?

We asked ourselves a question, why can't there be a single platform where we can post our requirements and get in touch with multiple vendors/interior designers and we decide on the best available option. Thus was born the idea for Castle Genie. Wait, are you wondering why we named it Castle Genie? Well everyone wants to make their dream house a castle, and we at Castle Genie will help them realize their dreams.

With Castle Genie, you are just a few clicks away from getting the best quotes and turning your house into a Castle.


Our vision to become one stop platform for your dream home. A modern platform where you can build your design, store every single information about the design. You can share your design with friends & family. You can re-design, rebuild your home.


Our mission to bring all the stake holders under a single platform, to provide effective & efficient result. We store every single information about your dream home. We integrate latest technologies to make the process efficient.