Myths About Hiring Local Vendors/Carpenters

Most of us prefer to go with local carpenters and vendors when it comes to doing Interiors for our new home. Even though we spend 40-60 lakhs or more when purchasing a 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment, we still look forward to get our Interiors done cheaply by some local carpenter. We fail to understand the fact that saving a few bucks for the time being may bring trouble for us in the near future. Most of them are referred to us by friends.

From my personal experience, here are the things we should consider before finalizing on any local vendor:

  • Most of these local vendors/carpenters are inexperienced, they can be hired for making a bed or a table, but to ask them to complete your Modular Kitchen or stylish wardrobes is not wise at all. I got my interiors done a year back from a local carpenter and it was very evident that these guys are unprofessional and they never finish the work on stipulated time.
  • We can bargain with them on pricing terms, but that comes with a cost. We fail to realize that the lower cost is compromised with quality. We would not even know if the baskets/handles or hardware fittings have been replaced/mixed with other lower quality brands and not the brands that was promised.
  • Incomplete work is what we get at the end. They will invariably keep certain things pending and they never show up after that. Once they get the payment they vanish and don't return back. There is complete lack of accountability and trust. We should keep in mind that "95%" is not "100%". The last few pending items really contribute to the incompleteness of your dream Interior.
  • What about "Finishing"? After few days we realize that lot of places have improper finishing. If we look at the edges, the pasting of laminates etc. we realize the mistake that we have done. That last "quality finish" makes thing look complete and beautiful.
  • Last but not the least "Post Sales Service". Post Sales Service is an important factor in today's modern world. Do you remember the new Airtel Sim advertisement? Well that sums up the entire thing, it's not about giving a sim card to your customer, it's the service you provide after that.

So for those who are new and looking for good Interiors for their dream home, don't commit these mistakes and for those who are looking forward to their next home, don't repeat the mistakes.

Try , and get quotations from verified/trusted Interior designers.